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Private Life
Policy on the Private Life
At, we are anxious to ensure the confidentiality and the protection of personal information that you transmit to us. Please read what follows in order to obtain more details about our policy of confidentiality.
Collect and use of personal information
For accèder with the services, requires that you transmit your name, your address, your address of email, your number of credit card and the other information considered to be relevant by You will have obligatorily to provide certain personal information to be able to use the service of
We use this personal information to treat your orders, to deliver the products and services and finally to carry out the payment of the products and services to order. We also use this personal information to communicate with you if we have information to transmit to you concerning your orders or if we have new products, new services or new promotional offers.
Information which we pile up helps continuously to improve our virtual shop and our services. They also help us to detect and avoid the frauds or the abuses on our Internet site. Certain information is obligatory so that can offer its services to you. We will indicate to you, if necessary, the fields considered as obligatory. wants that your personal information is precise and updates. With this intention, we provide you the occasion to modify or update your personal information (for the invoicing especially) in your account.
Divide and disclosure of personal information will not accept, under any condition nor with anyone, to sell or rent personal information which could identify you. could share your personal information with its partners only in the following cases:
- If we obtained your assent.
- If we must send your information to companies which work for the account of to provide you a product or a service that you asked. (These companies do not have the right to use your personal information differently than to provide you the product or the service for which they are committed).
- If we must follow upon a subpoena court, an ordinance of the court or with a judicial body.
The cookies are small textual files which will be transmitted to your computer so that can recognize your navigator when you visit the site of The cookies are used to improve quality of our service by recording the preferences and the tendencies of our users. The cookies are not dangerous because they cannot extract information from your hard disk. This technology does not place necessarily personal information at the disposal of You can decontaminate the cookies by modifying the configuration of your computer, but without the cookies, you are likely to have problems to obtain services in certain Internet sites.
Modification of the policy of confidentiality reserves the right to modify its policy of confidentiality constantly. No change, even minor, which could involve a reduction in the protection of your personal information could not be done without your agreement. Any change with the policy of confidentiality of will be published on this page. The more important changes will be announced in a particular way, for example, by sending an opinion by email to you.