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Mexican Sarape 2

Mexican Sarape 2
Mexican Sarape 2
Reference : ASARAPEMX2
Colorful Mexican Sarape 2
Large (86" x 59")

The word Zarape or Sarape comes from the Nahuatl Tzala pepechtli, which means woven and thick padded blanket.

The Poncho and the Sarape (also called Jorongo) are very similar mexican traditional pieces, but they have different uses.

The Sarape is a colorful blanket or quilt with fringes that serves as decoration, tablecloth or to use on beds as blankets. The sarape is completely closed, while the poncho has an opening called a cuff in the center so that the head can go through.

Sarapes or Jorongos and Ponchos are made in various parts of Mexico and have gained good reputation for quality events in the city of Saltillo in Coahuila state, the Santa Ana Chiautempan in the state of Tlaxcala and Teotitlan del Valle, Oaxaca, as in many other places.

They are mostly made of thick wool and cotton and are stained with the beautiful, unique and eternal red color provided by the cochineal, an insect that was a Oaxaca Mexican treasure that gave fame and wealth to the country in past centuries. Most used colors are also bright blue, yellow, green, orange and black.

The Sarapes and the Ponchos are essential garments for country men and the charros in Mexico. It is an excellent protection against cold, and also against water as the heavy wool makes the raindrops slide, and on the other hand, it provides enough shade in the days of hot.

The Sarape can also be used as a beautiful piece of decoration in walls, beds, tables and almost anywhere.

Note: This video shows the actual size and quality of the tissue. The exact color of the sarape is shown in the picture.
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