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Jaguar Teotihuacan 4 with sound

Jaguar Teotihuacan 4 with sound
Jaguar Teotihuacan 4 with sound
Reference : 1JAGUARTE4
Jaguar Teotihuacan 3 with sound
Made in leather and stone dust mixed with resin.
7cm (2.6")
Ideal to place a stick of incense. By blowing over the hole in the top, it makes a sound imitating the roar of the jaguar.

The jaguar was a deity to many cultures in the pre-Columbian Mexico, surrounded by legend and myth, the jaguar was revered and respected.

The jaguar's relationship with humans dates back thousands of years ago.

Causing concern and respect across America, the jaguar is larger than his own life, all cats have legends and myths, but few like the jaguar have had so profound role in religion and culture of peoples. For Mesoamerican Indians, the jaguar represents immeasurable power. An important part of the Nahua cosmology, Olmec and Maya, has been linked to war, life, fertility, death and darkness among other representations.

Among the Aztecs, the jaguar had a great influence, it was called "0celotl", whom they regarded as the king of beasts.

In Tenochtitlan the senior military leaders, warriors and ferocious major wore layers, masks and headdresses made of feathers and skin of a jaguar and jaguar knights were called, whose title would be "tlacochcalcatl," head of armory.

Aztec emperors had the exclusive privilege to use the image of the jaguar in their seats, carpets and cushions made of jaguar skin, all as a symbol of authority.

For the Aztecs, the jaguar was the disguise of Tezcatlipoca, the god responsible for guiding the feathered serpent Quetzalcoatl, their most important god.

The Mottled skin of this beautiful cat, is said to represent the stars. The Mayan ruins of Yucatan have produced images of the jaguar. For the Maya, the jaguar sun dominated the night and day, the sun at sunset jaguar fighting Xilbalban (the underworld) during the night, beating him and leaving once again the next day.

Maya tells a story that the end of the earth will come when the Jaguars move up the underworld to devour the sun and the moon and perhaps the universe ... and an eclipse is a sign the final event.
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