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Aztec Calender Green

Aztec Calender Green
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Aztec Calender Green
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Buy the Aztec calendar stone of the sun on Boutique Mexicaine.

Material of the Aztec calendar: Marble powder and resin
Weight of the Aztec calendar: 700 gr. aprox.
Measure of the Aztec Calendar: 21 cm in diameter (very resistent).
Color of the Aztec calendar: Emerald Green.

The Aztec Calendar or Sun Stone is the most famous work of Aztec art. Discovered in 1790, composed of basaltic lava, the original Calendar is currently at the Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City. Disc of 360 cm in diameter and weighs 24 tons, it was carved during the reign of Moctezuma II. Its name is Aztec Cuauhxicalli (receptacle of the Eagle).
The stone is composed of eight concentric circles (the eighth being on the edge of the circle, not visible from the front) and contains many référencess the Aztec cosmogony (with schedules).
Without going into details, we can meet the following:
1. The first circle contains the central head (combining the attributes of Tonatiuh (sun god) and Tlaltecuhtli (god of Earth)).
2. The second circle points including 4 cycles that preceded us (jaguar, wind, fire, water).
3. The third circle represents the 20 days of glyphs.
4. The fourth circle represents the 260-day sacred year (52 boxes of 5 points).
5. The fifth and sixth circles are ornamental.
6. The seventh circle is composed of two snakes, each representing 52 years.
7. The symbol between the two tails of snakes (just above the stone) is the date of the Fire Festival that commemorates the new stone 13-year Reed (1479).
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